I'm Billy and this is my story

Different types of websites for my cash freebies

Dead broke, talking $20 in my bank account. I relied on apps on my smartphone to make money, like Feature Points and App Trailers. I was lucky if I made $5 a day doing this...

I couldn't get a job because I had no work history. How can you get work history if no job will hire you because you have no work history?!

On top of that, I was antisocial, I didn't like talking to people I didn't already know. And I wasn't fond with meeting new people. So, the first impressions I gave, were not very appealing...

The reality hit when my parents got divorced while I was still living with them. In reality, I was depending on them because I couldn't support myself. But then I found this...

My cash freebies (MCF)

When I stumbled upon this site, I figured it was a scam. Throughout everything you subconsciously learn through social life, one of these will automatically have you assume it's a pyramid scheme. Before I jump into anything, I always do my research. I learned that there are many sites just like this one, and people can actually make honest livings working like this. It is always good to sign up through someone (referral). Especially if they offer to help you with live chat support to get started.

There is apparently a lot of different varieties. Let me explain, I first started with what seemed to be the easiest, which would be Fast Track My Cash Freebies. Which only took 1 offer to complete, and I chose a free offer. So, I immediately had my foot in the door. Which felt really nice and very exciting. Soon after, I had a few people signing up through me, so I made an okay amount. Compared to using money making apps on my phone, the amount of time that took versus this, there IS NO comparison.

How My Cash Freebies Works

There are companies that want to get their product out there. With how online marketing is today, they would prefer to use a marketing strategy like a IFW. IFW Stands for Incentivized Freebie Website. The owner of the IFW gets paid by the product owner every time someone signs up for a free trial, or buys their product. You get paid for referring someone to the IFW website. You get paid when they complete their offer. To refer someone, you need to complete your offer first. See how this works?

If you are going to start My Cash Freebies You should do the Fastet one first